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Little Otter's Big Adventure

March 18, 2023 - Reading time: 2 minutes

When I was yonger my children would sometimes ask me to write them stories. You see, story time was a fun time, we read many books, and we told many differet stories, but the stories we told were gone once they woke up. This was a magical time for all of us, and not many of the stories from that time survived. The other day I was going through some old notebooks I came across this story. It really is just a short story, but it has some impact and I wanted to hare it with you. Maybe you will find the desire to tell it to your children. Who knows. I do hope that you will enjoy it though.

I'd been swimming for what seemed like hours in the ocean, and all I could think about was finding my family. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, I noticed something on the horizon. As I got closer, I realized it was a lifeboat containing a small child.

I decided to assist them because the poor little thing appeared terrified and exhausted. I swam up to the side of the boat and pushed against it with my paws until it started moving in the right direction. The waves were still pretty rough, but we made it back to shore eventually.

I couldn't believe this little human had survived such an ordeal on his own when we arrived at land! All of the other sea creatures around us were astounded as well, and soon some caring humans came to their aid. Everyone clapped their flippers together in celebration after the child was saved and applauded me for being such a brave hero.

It felt great to help someone in need, and even though my family is still somewhere out there, this experience has taught me that helping others can bring so much joy into your life. If you ever see an otter stranded at sea, remember: no matter how small or large you are, when you have kindness in your heart, you can do anything!

The last time I read the story to them I think my yongest was about five years old. The others knew it, they had been listing to it for what felt like forever but it had become a classic. Children under five will probably find it the most interesting, since five is that special time when they start thinking they aren't small children, and everything that came before is for babies.