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Heavens Above, World Below

September 5, 2023 - Reading time: ~1 minute
The peak of the mountain summit is bright,
Though thunder rolls in like a sonorous fight.
No care for the weather may this night affright;
Still the air entices with its sprightly flight.

Shadows dance from the lightning's light,
Lacing through clouds that glimmer white.
Illuminates the world with each great might
So we can see our dreams and take to flight.

The fire sparks across the heavens high,
A beauty that shall never die.
Bringing forth life as one passerby,
We marvel at such magical sight.

Like a river down an ancient stream,
Dancing between darkness and gleam.
From this moment on, I will always dream 
Of looking down upon these heights so extreme.

The sonnet describes the mystical experience of standing on a mountaintop as lightning and thunder illuminate the landscape below. It serves as a gentle reminder that there is still beauty in the world and that dreams can come true despite the odds.

It starts out describing a mountain peak that is brightly lit despite the approaching thunder. There is power in the air, and the lightning makes everything visible, so you can finally take flight with your goals in sight. The lightning's flashes are like a river flowing down an old stream, or the eternal beauty that can never be destroyed. The sonnet concludes by saying they will always dream about looking down from such lofty heights.

The message is to appreciate the good things in life and keep dreaming, even when it may seem impossible.