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Winter's Lament

December 17, 2022 - Reading time: ~1 minute
As winter winds do blow, the snowflakes fall and whirl,
Covering all in white, a peaceful sight to hurl;
The wolves awake from slumber and gather round a tree,
Their song begins as silver stars light up the sea.

The singing of their chorus travels on the wind,
A haunting melody that's hard for us to find;
Their howling fills the night, an eerie harmony;
It echoes through the forest and out across the lea.

O'er distant hills they wail until the crack of morn,
And every note they utter warns of winter's scorn;
Our hearts weep with them as we embrace this change,
For snow crowns winter's reign and brings a howl so strange.

It snows, and the wolves howl in this sonnet. I originally titled the sonnet: "A Haunting Harmony in the Night," though changed it some time later to "Winter's Lamet" as I felt it better embodied the emotion I wanted to create here.

The howling of wolves serves as a foreboding reminder of the coming winter, and the song reflects the eerie beauty of that season. In the poem, the speaker is encouraged to welcome the coming of change because of the strange harmony it brings. There's awe and gratitude for nature's influence in this poem.