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Beyond the Blackness, Splendor Glows

December 29, 2022 - Reading time: 2 minutes

This sonnet celebrates a rare and enchanting phenomenon: a rainbow in the night. It's about holding on to optimism and beauty despite adverse conditions. The poem is a celebration of the beauty to be found even in the darkest of times and a gentle reminder that life is full of wonderful surprises, even in the worst of times.

A rainbow in the dark? What wondrous sight,
That brings a glimmer of sublime delight.
It seems so unreal - too good to be real -
But yet I'm sure that's what my eyes alight!

The air is heavy but not with despair;
A spectrum of hues reflects up there.
It warms my heart, for though night may seem far,
This rare vision shows me hope still lingers near!

My gaze is held and I can't turn it away;
Colors dancing across this starless sky.
As if a beacon in an ocean of gray,
It fills my spirit with pure ecstasy!

Oh what majestic beauty I behold-
A reminder of life and all its wonders unfold.

The first stanza of the sonnet is awestruck by an unexpected sight: a rainbow in the darkness. It's about finding happiness and pleasure in the midst of adversity, as if this view were too good to be true.

This rainbow is a symbol of hope and new beginnings, the second verse says, even if there is still darkness to come there is hope to be hand. The third continues by elaborating on the profound emotional impact of witnessing such a sublime scene.

In the fourth stanza, I contemplate the awe-inspiring grandeur of this scene, which can lift the spirit to new heights. Last but not least, the final verse stresses the importance of always celebrating life's wonders despite the fact that it has its share of difficulties.