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An Empty House Echoes Loudest

January 8, 2023 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Sadness creeps the halls in one of my more melancholic sonnets.

An empty house so large and sad,
Where echoes linger long and bad.
No soul to hear the sombre sound
Of nothingness that circles round.

The hollow walls no longer warm,
Yet still the silence can transform.
It's like a ghost inside this place;
A voice within an empty space.

As shadows flitter 'cross the room,
My heart is filled with eerie gloom.
Those hungry echoes never cease--
Infecting me with deep unease.

And yet I find myself drawn in...
The lonely mourner of my kin.
Life here may be but fleeting breath--
But I'm content to share its death.

I wrote this sonnet not long after my youngest moved away to college. There was a saddness in my home that I think is hard to describe in normal words. The sonnet allowed me to express what I was feeling in a creative way and reduce the slight depression I was feeling at the time. It is one of my favorites and its haunting rytheme sometimes still accompanies my footsteps through the halls.