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Amusement Parks, Zoos, and Museums for the Family Vacation

Amusement Parks By State | Canada | Europe

If you have kids you will know how important the Summer vacation is for theme. That's why it is important to have a couple of options it come to the family outing. This list will help you if you're planning a day trip or a longer family vacation since it has just about everything you could possibly need.

Due to the nature of the list it is almost impossible to guarantee that the list is up to date. Some of the offers may have changed, or been replaced by other venues. While the list is accurate as of writing if you find a discrepancy please let me know and I will try to correct it. Or in the worst case remove it.

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Amusement Parks by Sate

Here is a list of parks, zoos, and museums organized by State. Click on a state to view all of the different attractions I've collected for it.


Amusement Parks in Canada

Here is a list of amusement parks in Canada. The list is much smaller than the US list.


Amusement Parks in Europe

Here is a list of amusement parks in Europe. If you intend to take a trip to Europe this Summer you might like to try one of the parks over there. This is a list with some of the ones I could find.


As you can imagine this site is by no means complete. There are many different activities that could also come into question. Museums and zoos have also been included in the lists when they were available. While as you can see from the lists, they are made up almost exclusively from theme and amusement parks. The reason is simple. Our family tends toward amusement parks. But I think that is because there are more options here as opposed to other parts of the US where zoos and museums are more prevalent as the selection here in the Midwest.


Navigate the site to take your ten minute break from the day, or take a little longer. The choice is up to you. If you decide to stay longer here are some popular places to spend sometime.