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When I was pregnant with my first child it was an incredible time for me. No offense to my other children but there is something indescribable about the first time. It is partially frightening, you have been given the task of carrying another life. It is also an incredibly fun time, though bouts of morning sickness and the other discomorts that go along with a pregnancy may make it hard to acknowledge at the time.

For me there were many fond memories and they sometimes slip back into conscious thought. Usually at times like this. Well, naturally at times like this. I am writing about it. But there is more to it than that. Let me explain.

I'll be hosting a baby shower.

Well I didn't say it would be complicated. I didn't say it would be a long one or out of the ordinary.

My sister is having a baby and I volunteered myself to host it. After all it is the least I could do since she helped organize two of mine.

Favors and decorations aren't a problem, either, not with all of the selection that you can find nowadays. We've used mybabyshowerfavors.com and their customer service is simply fantastic. I had a question regarding a change to our order when I help throw a friend's baby shower and Ashley was great. She helped walk me through the corrections and everything worked without a problem. So I will definitely be using their site again.

When it comes to the invitations, I am a little on the fence. While there isn't any kind of doubt in my mind that I could get them professionally printed I wouldn't mind DIM. You know doing-it-myself. There are just a couple of different things that I need to consider. And that is primarily if my, now ancient printer would be able to handle the thick paper. And would the results be up to par.

If I want baby shower invitations that isn't a problem. There are more options than I can list. The paper quality would be what I want and the results would be professional. So in the end that would be the logical decision.

But as you know, the desire to do it myself is also strong. If you've read the blog for any period of time you will know that already. But there are also a lot of options. The blog on the invitations was a fun one. But I would opt to use a high-quality template and modify it to our baby shower. Here is one that I thought would suite the shower.


One of the problems with it are I would need to change the colors a little. For one it is going to be a gender reveal shower, and the pink would give it away. Yes, she will be having a little baby girl. But when it comes to things like that I am not the greatest. And while this may be embarrassing I will share my attempt at it fixing the invitation. But I only do this under the condition that you don't laugh. Promise?


Let me explain what I tried here. I thought that the whole safari theme would be good. She loved giraffes as a child and the invitation has a couple of cute ones. I thought that it would be good to remove some of the pink and try and make it brown, something neutral. But the giraffes lost a little of their pep and I think it looks less sharp somehow. I am talking about the printout now. I printed a test invitation to see how it would look. Here on the screen the colors are alright. But the printout didn't have the same colors. I tried to take a photo but it didn't look good and you couldn't tell what I was talking about so it didn't make any kind of sense to upload it.

When you compare it to a couple of the other designs that I liked it looks pretty pathetic. Here are a couple of the professional baby shower invitations that come into question. They are all gender neutral and somebody more talented than I am put a lot of work into getting them to look great. If they had an option to have a sample printed I wouldn't hesitate to give them a try.


The mint green in this invitation compliments the giraffes really well, the mix also has a relaxing effect that I can really appreciate. It sort of makes me hungry for pistachio ice cream. And if I pick this one I would seriously consider serving some for desert.


This invitation also provides some delicious ideas for a dainty little treat. We loved snicker doodles (recipe & photos) when we were little girls. So this one would also work on that level. The colors are also ideal.


I found this one to be one of the cutes, and while it doesn't give me any idea for food to serve at the shower, you could say that I saved the best till last. This one is just all around cute. And I love the little baby giraffe on the invitation along with its mommy.

While there might be more. I have narrowed it down too pretty much those three and the one I tried to make work. I saw that the paper quality was a lot better than what I could get. And also thicker than what my printer can do.

Can't you just get a new printer? Sure. But why?

I know that printers are really cheap now, but even if I would buy the cheapest I would spend more than having them professionally printed. And while I don't find money an issue, at least not in this case, the question that I have asked is why? The DIY kick I would get would quickly disappear when I realized I spent more on making lower quality printout invitation than just going ahead and placing an order for some. You can definitely see the difference in quality from my attempt to the ones that I shared. And while I know that that doesn't matter in the end. That the baby shower would be the same with or with out them, that my sister would be happy either way I would feel like I was cheating her somehow.

Now if that sounds like a conflict you would be most certainly correct. I feel that the scale is balanced pretty much in the middle here. That was one of the reasons why I took the time to write today. I was hoping that it would bring some clarity, and while it has encouraged me to keep looking at it. I think that the most realistic option would be to just order them.

Food isn't going to be a problem. I have enlisted both small hands and big. And my mother will be making some of here world famous chex mix. Well, at least it was famous when were were growing up and I haven't celebrated a shower (at least my own or a family members) without it. I will also be getting a cake from Dairy Queen which will help. While I love to cook, baking isn't my strongest skill. My poor kids! But they get over it. Grandma is always good for a cookie, cupcake or another treat.

The shower is coming up and I need to make some decisions but things are pretty much all set.

And while I am excited to host, I am more excited to meet my new niece in a couple of months. This is her first child so it is a really big moment in her life and I want it to be as special as mine was.

Also I wanted to point out that I didn't design any of the invitations. The first one that I modified was free to use. Unfortunately I didn't take down the site that I found it on. The others are all copyrighted and I wouldn't use any of those. I should have probably taken down the links for those too, but I didn't. If you want to find the sites that they came from just look for "giraffe baby shower invitations" without the quotes. They came up on one of the top ones.

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